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Hi everyone ☺ so as I mentioned in my last post, I am back with the second installment of the Spring Summer Essentials.

This time around I shall be talking about the Make-Up Trends for Summer and I shall also add a little bit of pointers, that I have learned which according to me are essential to keep in mind while doing Make-Up for Summers.

Lets get started.


So, I did a little bit of Duh! I am not a pro but my promise to you all was whatever I write shall be honest and unbiased and to honour this I shall always try to do a proper research so as to guide you all properly ☺


In most of the International fashion shows for the Spring/Summer 2015 one thing that has been noticed is that all the faces of the models have been extremely clean but not Matte. Dewiness was there on the faces. This gives of an illusion of a healthy skin.


I am all for Dewy skin. I believe skin should always look dewy which in itself makes the skin look healthy. Now by Dewy I DON'T mean sweaty. There are very simple ways to look Dewy effortlessly by the use of proper products one can achieve this. The areas of our face which we usually highlight like the centre of the forehead, down the bridge of you nose, high points of your cheekbones is where one should apply products to achieve this look. Matte face in my opinion makes us look more Well, it makes our skin look Dry, emphasizes our lines and wrinkles and is bad for the skin. Period.


Benefit High Beam

Benefit Moon Beam

BodyShop Illuminator

Elf Highlighters

NYX Highlighters


Coral was big last season and it is still going strong. From lipsticks to glosses, from clothes to bags hues of coral are here to stay. This is a universally flattering shade of color. and it looks absolutely beautiful with almost everything. So you can incorporate this coral colour in an accessory or your clothes, shoes and practically anything you fancy. Coral blushes look great on almost everyone. They instantly brighten your face, like an instant dose of Vitamin C ☺


Colour Studio Professional Pro Blush in Audacious Orange

Benefit Cha Cha Tint


In the International makeup scene interestingly RED lipstick is said to be the new trend for Spring/Summer. Also pinks ranging from baby pink to magenta have also been seen on the runways.


Well honestly I LOVE pink colour and I think hat it is one of those colours which looks good on everyone. it is universally flattering and also that this shade just doesn't go out of fashion. So do go out there and buy yourselves a lipstick or two of a pretty pink shade that you can wear everyday or to a party.

Now with red colour. well I also like red and i feel it instantly brightens ones complexion and also makes a statement but in summers wearing red lipstick...maybe at night , when you are out with friends or a party, that makes sense but I don't know if we can pull this off everyday in this scorching heat. This is just my opinion rest you all decide ☺


For eyes the shades of browns and purples were seen shaded on the eyes of the ramp models. Eyeliners ranged from the classic to the cat, from the simple to the exaggerated or simply none. Also FUNKY COLOURED eyeliners were seen on practically all the International Ramp Shows. Okay for eye-brows, they are still full but not bushy and in some instances less full too. But one thing is for sure they are properly groomed.


I would say keep it muted in the daytime with waterproof mascara and liner or kajal and at night take your glamorous self decked in a brown eyeshadow and a cat eyeliner or a nude shade of eyeshadow with a quirky funky shade of eyeliner like electric pink or orange and lots of mascara. Its all about making a statement so why not make an Eye-standing one ☺


Heavy contouring is a BIG no no this season. The Make-Up should look effortless and blended or barely there. Contouring should be done in a way that there are no harsh lines and the Make-Up is seamless. My opinion I second that.

So the above mentioned points are some of the International Make-Up trends seen in the Spring/Summer Ramp shows of all major designers. Now below are some of the Make-Up Essentials I believe should be followed to achieve a flawless look.



They are a must for this weather. For the daytime, they work like magic as they conceal minor imperfections and give a decent coverage to the skin. We dont always want to wear foundation so this is where these beauties come.


Always prime your skin before applying foundation or makeup. These give the illusion of poreless make-up and also extends the makeup wear on skin.


Now in summers we all sweat. And nobody wants to look racoon eyed. Hence to avoid such situations invest in good quality water-proof kajal, eyeliner, mascara etc. Also use an eye-primer before applying shadow.


Now there are two meanings to this header first I strongly advice the use of powdered makeup as it naturally stops the makeup from transferring and staying longer. Secondly if you want to extend the wear of the makeup then layer it by first applying cream based makeup and then going over with the powder based make-up.


They keep your make-up intact while taking away the excess shine off your face.


They are great for setting the make-up without making you look cakey and you can re-touch your make-up with this powder many times.


Again these are the rage these days since last summer and before that too. They are long-wearing bad boys which keep your lips not only moisturised but the colour remains for a good six to seven hours max. All major brands have these Lip crayons like Clinique, Maybelline. And then we have liquid lipsticks which practically do the same thing. They are moisturizing but matte at the same time. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Wet and Wild, NYX, DMGM 2000 Kisses and our very own MM Makeup they have some gorgeous liquid lippies.


And last but not the least setting sprays to set your make-up. Need I say more? I don't think so ☺ Some good ones are from Elf set and mist, Urban Decay and Loreal Infallible range.

Phew! I know I wrote this all too long...but I wanted you all to know not only the trends of make-up but also what I have learned a little bit till now and which I implement myself. I hope this post is helpful to all.

Hope you enjoy reading this post. Do comment and share.

Happy Reading.

Till next time,

MAHA xoxo

Note: The photos included in this post are taken from various websites and are not my own property.


  1. This is an interesting post. I have a big problem. No matter how hard I try, my lipstick refuse to remain more then half hour or so. I have tried putting it on then pressing lips against a paper. Repeating it a couple of time. Still result same. Can you guide me please? Thanks.

  2. Thanks Maha, for such an interesting and informative post :-) I love Coral and Pink shades in lipstick, not very dark, just as close to natural hues as possible :-) By the way, what are your thoughts on brown shades in lipsticks? My husband likes it ...and I was wondering what particular shade of brown should I select, that would make me look good, wouldn't be considered too outdated for this season and would manage to please my husband as well...! :-) Thanks...!

  3. Thanks Ramla for liking the Post. Well for brown shade I would suggest look for brown lipsticks which hae a rust or brick color undertone. They really look nice on our complexion and don't drag down the look or dull the complexion. Too dark brown color normally makes the person look mature, but that's personally my opinion.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Well, I don't really mind a 'mature' and 'sophisticated' look Lolz :-) But I generally prefer lighter and more natural shades. Will check out the ones you mentioned and will see how they look on me. Thanks for the recommendations :-) 

      I was also thinking of trying out some 'light-pinkish-brown' or maybe some 'light-goldenish-brown' shades. What do you think? Can you please suggest some lipsticks that are close to these shades? Thanks...!

  4. Thank you Huma Aunty for liking the post. Okay for your problem I would suggest to always first properly exfoliate and moisturize your lips. Then you can apply a little concealer or foundation on your lips. Then line your lips with a lip pencil one shade lighter or darker depending on your lipstick. Then fill your lips with the same lip pencil. After that apply lipstick. Then lightly press your lips against a tissue paper. And then re-apply the lipstick. Hopefully it will stay. And if you don't want to do any of this go for long we Rai g lip formulas or liquid lipsticks.
    I have written about them in my post.

    I hope this helps. Do let me know if this suggestion was helpful :)

  5. @Huma aunty long wearing lipsticks :) sorry typo.

  6. This was a highly amusing route :)
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao

    1. Thanks Maliha, for visiting the blog and for commenting :-)

  7. Aww. Hi Maliha. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on the blog. I am honoured to have you check out this page.

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  9. Now that's quite informative and thorough!! Good read!

    Would love to have you follow our blog (:

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog and for your words of appreciation :-) Following you through Google + profile!

  10. Such a beautiful post. I liked the way how you consolidate all the tips and tricks in one post. good luck for future posts.

  11. Thank you so much Madera :) you have made my day.

  12. WAHOO! amazing post dear. You just summarize whole summer beauty guide in one post. The post speaks the hard look you did to set it out, I just loved reading it.

  13. Thank you so much Kanwal. I enjoy reading your posts too.