Monday, May 4, 2015


 A feeling of intense happiness and a sense of great comfort, invade my entire being, whenever I can escape into the wonderful world of fiction, where love flourishes, justice prevails, tolerance is encouraged, compassion is felt, mercy is recommended, good triumphs over evil, and a happily ever after is achieved!

The positive characters in these books become close friends. They touch me with their sincerity and kindness, delight me with their humour and decency, motivate me with their optimism and wisdom, inspire me with their faith and goodness, impress me with their courage and intelligence, reassure me with their weaknesses and eccentricities, and improve me with their principles and values.

Now, I would like to add, that the same feeling of immense happiness and a sense of well-being, prevails over me whenever I re-read one of my favourite books. 

In fact, re-reading a book actually seems to enhance the pleasure and increase the level of enjoyment!

It's rather like revisiting someone who is a sincere and loyal friend, decent and compassionate person, and an interesting and entertaining companion. 

Moreover, I even get to learn something new each time I read a certain book again.

At this point, a confusion can arise, that how can new knowledge be gained from re-reading a book of which the story and it's conclusion is already known... unless maybe the reader is somewhat lacking in either concentration or memory that he or she keeps forgetting the contents of the book!  

This confusion can be clarified if you please click here: On Re-Reading Books. Thanks!

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