Monday, March 9, 2015


Greetings everyone.

I hope this post finds you all in great spirits :-)

My name is Maha Shahid and I live in Pakistan. I am a homemaker and mother of two wonderfully active boys.

Most of my day is occupied by running about doing all sorts of chores, may it be household or outside. But whenever I get time I do love to read books, cook up some interesting recipe and indulge in some my own beauty time :-)

Which brings me to the real purpose of this post. Once a month I shall be contributing to my best friend's, Ramla Zareen's, Blog: THE MAGAZINE AT BLOGSPOT.  

The content of my Corner will mostly consist of:

  • Personal Wellness
  • Beauty Enhancement Tips 
  • Styling Tips
  • Beauty Products Reviews
  • Some DIY Masks
  • New Makeup Trends
  • Fashion Updates
  • Other

I hope you all find it helpful and interesting. Yes I would like to add here that I am not a pro or an expert but yes whatever I shall share with you all will be totally honest and mostly my own experiences. 

I would also like if you all comment and also share your experiences or your favourite products/looks etc. Also if anyone of you would like me to review any beauty product or any thing which is related to fashion do comment below, I would be more than happy to oblige.

Take care everyone,

Till next time...

Maha Shahid


  1. Thanks a lot, Maha, for agreeing to become a regular part of my blog :-) I am very much looking forward to your contributions and enjoying your corner...! :-)

  2. I recently saw a range of products of 'Urban Decay Naked Effect' at a beauty shop. I would appreciate it if you could provide your feedback on this, in one of your future posts. Thanks...! :-)

  3. Thank you so much Ramla for making me a part of your blog. I feel so honored that you have included me. Much pleased :) about the Naked palette will surely do a post on it in my upcoming posts :)

    1. The pleasure was mine to include you in my blog :-) Looking forward to the post on Urban Decay Naked Effect. Thanks...!

  4. There is one more request, Maha. It would be great if you would please give few hair strengthening tips sometime :-) Thanks...!

  5. Hi, can you please do a post on the top E.L.F products?

  6. Hi. Sure would. Thank you for commenting..:)

  7. Need you to tell me how to easily take care of my hands and feet. which lotions or creams to use. I have very dry skin. Thanks

  8. I will definitely do a post on taking care of hands and feet.