Monday, March 2, 2015


Greetings everyone,

Hope you are all well and happy ☺

The latest update at our end is that we thought it might be fun to introduce a new section, in which YOU can contribute as a guest writer for this blog ☺

If you would like to elaborate on any topic relevant to perfumes, beauty, wellness and fashion or to write on lifestyle topics such as, relationships, parenting, family, home, food, socializing, entertainment, books, hobbies, sports, pets and travel etc then you are most welcome to participate.

Blogging is merely a hobby for us so we cannot offer any financial incentive.

However, you can avail this opportunity to indulge in your love for writing as well as to promote your own legitimate business, blog or website that you may have by providing information about them in your posts.

If interested then please leave your contact information along with a brief description of what kind of article you wish to contribute and one of us will try to respond as soon as possible.

Once your post is published on the blog we will then announce it in the various groups on Facebook. (Please keep in mind that we may not be able to promote it on our own social media networks unless the topic is relevant to them, thanks for understanding ☺)

Well, looking forward to enjoying this new section with you all, thanks! ☺


Maha and Ramla Zareen


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  1. Hi Ramla,
    I have a cozy mystery which is based upon a true story. I also have a blog about hiking and a blog about the journey into retirement. Both of those subjects come up in my mysteries. I'd like to write about how I go started writing after retirement and am enjoying the lifestyle.

    1. Hi Joyce, it would be a pleasure and an honour to have you contribute as a guest writer here :-) I will contact you through Goodreads soon...!

      Thanks for taking an interest ...and for wanting to contribute on THE MAGAZINE AT BLOGSPOT...! :-)

  2. Joyce Ann Brown, I was just reading your comment here. I also starting writing cozy mysteries after I retired. I love the genre. I write the Kay Driscoll mystery series. The protagonist and her family are based on mine. Your blogs would interest me. Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan, I am looking forward to your guest post ...which is planned to be published here on Monday, 18th May, 2015 :-)

      Thank you for contributing on THE MAGAZINE AT BLOGSPOT...! :-)