Monday, March 30, 2015


Greetings everyone,

Hope you are all well and happy :-)

The latest update at our end is that we (Maha and Ramla Zareen) thought that it might be interesting and beneficial if we share our experiences, observations, insights and research ...towards achieving a better LIFESTYLE!

In this section our main focus will be on:

--Socializing/Events Planning

We don't claim to be an expert in this but we will try our utmost that our posts reflect complete integrity and thorough research ...and will welcome and appreciate your input on these topics as well :-)

So please feel free to share your knowledge as well as to submit any relevant queries through your comments.

Moreover, those interested in contributing as a guest writer on any of these topics, are welcome to get details and inform by visiting and leaving a comment on the following link:

Thanks! :-)

Maha and Ramla Zareen


  1. This is an interesting corner. If possible I would like to write an article under the title travelling / vacations.

    1. You are welcome to contribute on the topics you mentioned. Already your post which you wrote about the selfless love of your pets as well as shared their amusing antics... has become very popular...! :-)

      Anyway, we will discuss the details through email...!

      Thanks for your words of appreciation ...I very much hope that you enjoy all the future posts by me and Maha relevant to Lifestyle Corner :-)