Monday, June 22, 2015


INTRODUCTION: Today, Falak has contributed as a guest writer on "THE MAGAZINE AT BLOGSPOT", by writing on a topic relevant to "LIFESTYLE CORNER

Hi all, my name is Falak and I am a chocolate lover. Today I would like to share my experience with a scrumptious mouthwatering dessert "chocolate decadent cake". Please bear in mind that I am not talking about any ordinary cake. We are my friends, crossing borders! Whether it is red velvet, caramel cake, cheese cake all these cakes failed to impress me but this chocolate cake got me head over heels :) This chocolate cake is immensely and never fail to tantalize my taste buds. I am automatically allured to this freshly baked heaven. Every piece of this slice is worth a million dollars and you know what? I like my cake with a hot cup of coffee . As soon as the aroma of the brewed coffee beans hit my nasal passages I am hit by a feeling  of nostalgia. The inviting fragrance of coffee is not just the only exciting part but the rich, heavy, creamy texture of coffee in a white porcelain cup is a sight with its own charm. My coffee is usually bitter and there is a slight acidity to it so that it compliments with the sensual entrancing chocolate cake. Those who are a fan of this unique pair may know what I feel but those who haven't witnessed this combination I would want them to go ahead, try it and savour the ultimate breathtaking moment of all.

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  1. Wow. Just read the recipe. This I have got to bake (and eat).There goes my determination to go on a diet! Thanks Falak

  2. Hi Falak, thanks for such an interesting post :-) It is truly a pleasure to have you contribute as a guest writer on THE MAGAZINE AT BLOGSPOT...! :-)