Monday, December 22, 2014


I am one of those people who are usually quite content to admire their favourite celebrities from afar. Though I am always willing to learn from their achievements and ready to incorporate their positive qualities in my personality, yet I have no particular urge to meet them in person or any great desire to imitate their style. 

However, there are many fans who yearn to feel close to their favourite stars, not just by meeting them, but also by sharing their traits and habits. For such fans, wearing a celebrity perfume is just one way of fulfilling this wish.

They don't even question how much a celebrity is actually involved in the creation of the fragrance, whether it really is the true representation of the celebrity's personality, or whether the celebrity even wears it or not...! 

For example, Bruce Willis's first fragrance is described as a merger of his personality, expressiveness and character. Moreover, he is officially known to be personally involved in the creation of his second fragrance, "Bruce Willis-Personal Edition", launched in the beginning of 2014, along with his wife, Emma Hemming-Willis, in every step, from the finding of the fragrance to the design of the flacon, till the end result. Yet he once admitted during one of his recent interviews, that he doesn't wear the perfume line that he launched...!

However, as I mentioned, for most fans, the association of a certain perfume with the celebrity's name is enough motivation to wear that fragrance.

While its true that, with a notable exception of "White Diamonds", which was endorsed by Elizabeth Taylor, made and marketed by Elizabeth Arden, and was still the best-selling celebrity-endorsed perfume 20 years after its introduction in 1991, celebrity perfumes generally do not have the longevity of classic fragrances.

However, according to a certain research, celebrity perfumes are the main driving force behind sales in the fragrance industry. 

For example, it is said that the blockbuster launch of Justin Bieber's first perfume for his female fans, "Someday", greatly contributed to strong sales growth of fragrances in 2011, as teenagers and young girls pestered their parents to buy them the pop singer’s fragrance. 

Also, in 2013, it was revealed that Beyoncé's line of perfumes "Heat" is the best-selling celebrity fragrance line with $400 million earned at retail globally.

These are just few examples among the countless celebrity perfumes that are being purchased and worn by eager fans.

Anyway, a recent impulse led me to check out some celebrity perfumes, and my previous indifference turned into genuine enthusiasm, as much to my own surprise, I actually found quite a few of them interesting enough to decide upon writing a series of reviews on celebrity fragrances.

For my first review, I have selected THAT'S ME! by Helene Fischer. 

Helene Fischer, born on 5th August, 1984, is a German singer and entertainer. 

Since her debut in 2005 she has won numerous awards, including eight Echo awards, four "Krone der Volksmusik" awards and the Bambi award. 

According to record certifications she has sold at least 9,115,000 albums. 

She released her first English album, "The English Ones", on 7 June 2010. The album was produced by Jean Frankfurter, a German producer, composer and arranger for 40 years. On singing in English, Helene Fischer commented: “I have always dreamed of singing my songs in another language. English is the language of Country, the music that we call 'Schlager’. Language is a tool, but it is important that what you sing comes from the heart – and that is what this album is about.”

In January 2013 she made her acting debut in an episode of the German TV series Das Traumschiff.

On 4th October, 2013 she released her new album "Farbenspiel" in Germany, and confirmed a Tour in the year 2014. The album received platinum after 5 days in Germany, Denmark and Austria. "Farbenspiel" became the most legally downloaded album by a German artist of all time.

Her songs, with their stories of the everyday worries and woes of home-loving folks, are lyrically close to what could be called “country music” although musically quite different.

Her circle of fans extends beyond Germany into large part to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, and Finland.

THAT'S ME!  was launched in September 2014, and it is the first perfume by Helene Fischer.

The scent is supposed to symbolize love, passion and energy that Helene Fischer feels for her music.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Tangerine, Peaches, Freesia. 
Heart Notes: Lotus, Roses, Coconut.
Base Notes: Woods, Vanilla, Musk.

THAT'S ME! may not be as glamorous or extraordinary as one might expect a celebrity perfume to be. 

But I have noticed that most celebrity fragrances are created for mass appeal and so are not especially unique.

Still, I would claim that THAT'S ME! is exceptionally lovely as compared to most of the other celebrity perfumes for women.

A delightful, somewhat sweet, evenly balanced, fruity-floral perfume, offered in a trendy looking bottle. 

Definitely one of my favourite fragrances for casual or at most semi-formal occasions.

Though maybe longevity and sillage could have been improved, as it lasts maximum 4 hours on me and the last hour or so it lies very close to my skin.

In my opinion, this sophisticated, feminine and modern fragrance should be ideal for office-going women, who want to smell good in a subtle way.

Anyway, THAT'S ME! is one of those wonderful fragrances that I would not only happily purchase and wear but would also recommend highly to other women...!


  1. Is 19.99 the price? Of how much ml? Even if it's in euro and for 30 ml, it's a good price. Good marketing to keep it at affordable price. I like the trendy bottle. Looking at the bottle it seem more expensive.

    1. Well, usually, celebrity perfumes are more affordable as compared to designer perfumes.

      At the moment THAT'S ME! perfume is available as 50 ml bottle for Euros 39,99/- It's body lotion is available for Euros 19,99/-

      And yes, I like the bottle too...!